Download RaceTender Demo
See for yourself if RaceTender is the software that meets the needs of your group with a free demo download.

RaceTender demo supports all features of the registered version except that races will run in simulation mode. In simulation mode race results are determined randomly without input from an electronic gate or the user. And, since races are run in simulation mode, no electronic gate is needed to fully evaluate RaceTender.

Click the button below to start downloading. File size is 2.5M and takes about 6.5 minutes to download on a 56K modem.

When the download finishes, double-click the RaceTenderDemo.exe file to start installation. Follow instructions, as prompted, until installation completes.

For instructions, reference the RaceTender 'Help', all instructions are contained in the Help files. Included in the Help is a "Five Minute Walkthrough" to give the user a quick start in using RaceTender. The "Five Minute Walkthrough" will take the user through a complete race with four racers.