Frequently Asked Questions

On race day, I want to use one computer for registration and another computer to run the race. Can I do that?
Sure, install RaceTender on both computers. After finishing registration perform 'Save As' to save the registration file to a floppy disk. On the computer running the race, perform 'Open' and select the file from the floppy disk.

Can RaceTender import registration entries from other file types?
Yes, RaceTender recognizes "Comma Delimited" text files and Excel "Comma Delimited" (csv) files and can import entries directly from such files.

We expect alot of participants. How do we handle them all?
Merging registration files can split the work load when registering participants.

For example, if four computers are used for registration (each computer making its' own registration file) then each computer registers only one-fourth of the participants. After everyone is registered, merge the files into a single registration file on the computer running the race.

Can I recover a race if power goes out?
Yes, just open the registration file and when prompted for action respond with 'Restore.'

How do I rerun a race?
Click the undo button to go back to any previous race. If you go back too far click on the redo button until you're at the correct race.

How long does it take to learn RaceTender operation?
Users report a comfortable level of familiarity the first day. Download the demo and try the five-minute walkthrough, then look up items of interest. You'll be able to run races almost immediately.

What documentation comes with RaceTender?
The help file is the only included documentation. It explains the full operation and is all you need.

How much do updates cost?
RaceTender updates are free.

How do you ship RaceTender?
RaceTender is shipped by e-mail and by ground delivery. Usually ship outs are made on the day of purchase.