Program Features

Supports easy to use "Sequential Needs" program flow. Program operation steps user through each stage of race management, from configuration, through registration and all race heats.
Screen Customizations to fit your group.
Select banner heading of : Pinewood Derby, Grand Prix, Kub Kar Rally, Shape N Race Derby, Raingutter Regatta and Space Derby
Enter custom banner sub-heading text (up to 16 characters) to identify your group.
Supports race tracks of 2 - 8 lanes.
Supports Manual or Automatic race judging with support for-
FastTrack by MicroWizard
SmartLine Finish Line by eTekGadget
DT2000, DT8000 and Daytona by NewBold Products
Supports six Race Scheduling Methods
Double Elimination - Winners from each bracket race against each other for first and second place, third place determined by other means
Single Elimination - Winner of bracket is first place winner, second and third place are determined by other means
Lane Rotation - each car runs on each lane
Partial Perfect-N - each car runs on each lane, schedule is optimized to prevent (or reduce) cars repeating races against the same opponents
Quick Match - non-competitive race, cars are lined up, run and results are posted per lane
Eliminator - non-competitive race, cars are lined up, run and results are posted by lane pairs (great for father / son races)

Division support for any number of divisions with any names.

Edit Division names or order at any time during registration.

Select Number of Finalists from each Division to run in the finalists race.

Fully supported Registration Files & entry
Car IDs can be assigned automatically or by user
Optional Car Alias
Import registration entries from previous registrations, text files and Excel files.
Register participants days before the race, on race day just check 'em in.
Supports Registration File Merges.
Multiple PCs can register participants on race day then merge the files together for the race.
Edit registered participants at any time. Change IDs, names, add alias or set pass / fail for car inspection.
Printer support for registration, schedule and standings
Full resize- expand RaceTender as large as your screen.
Full Undo and Redo. Rerun any heat at any time.
Break timer- Take a break during the race or between registration and the race start. Works in conjunction with Fast Track timers to display break time on screen and on the gate display.

Feature lists and screen shots can not give you a feel for how RaceTender works and functions. Download the Demo to get a real feel for what RaceTender can do for your Pinewood Derby Races!