Race Management Software for Pinewood Derby Races
RaceTender was designed from the ground up to be an integral part of any race day event. With features which take race management from mere support to true race enhancment.
  • Exceptional Ease-of-Use keeps race day free of problems.
  • Engaging Graphic Display keeps interest levels high.
  • Full Management of all aspects of conducting a race.
  • Full Race History for Undo, Redo and Restoration operations.
  • Six Race Methods supported - Double Elimination, Single Elimination, Partial Perfect-N, Lane Rotation, Quick Match & Eliminator.
  • Manual Scoring and Electronic Gate support for FastTrack, SmartLine and NewBold DT2000/DT8000 Timers.

    Ease-of-Use...Graphic Display...
      Full Management...Race History...
        Muliple Race Methods...Electronic Gate...
          ...adds up to A Race Enjoyed By All!