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Electronic Gates

    by MicroWizard
    FAST TRACK pinewood derby timers combine state of the art accuracy with a professional look that builds enthusiasm for the race. One of our family of timers will suit your needs and eliminate disputes even in the closest competition. Spectators see results instantly at the finish line.

    "SmartLine Finish Line"
    by eTekGadget
    The SmartLine Pinewood and Space Derby Finish Line Timer by eTekGadget supports up to 8 lanes with instant race results resolved to .00005 seconds that may be sent to a computer for storage, analysis and display by any of the popular race management software packages. The SmartLine Finish Line shows the placement result as it occurs on large 2 inch displays mounted above each lane with a generous 6 inch clearance.

    "DT2000, DT8000 and Daytona"
    by NewBold Products
    The DT2000, DT8000 and Daytona Timers from Newbold Products let you time 2 lanes for the DT2000 Timer or up to 8 lanes with the DT8000 Timer and 1-6 lanes with the Daytona, determine the finish order and can interface to a computer.


Other Race Management Software

Each of the following products has a demo download and each has distinct features which make it more or less suitable for the needs of a particular group.